воскресенье, 13 мая 2018 г.

In general, despite very pretty smart other members of the forum, I write instructions on how to restore the phone from the state of "brick, corpse, etc."
Instructions for those who did not backup nvram, or even what else.
To begin with, about what brought him to the state of brick:
1.Disabled the bootloader
2. I requested custom recovery without deleting the file responsible for the recovery record
As a result, when you boot twrp, the phone restarts into bootloader mode.
3. When trying to flash the stock recovery, the phone was cut down and stopped turning on, it "died."
No sign of life, only when connected to a computer, the sound of a new device, but not to flash the recovery, nothing else happened, because the program sp_flash_tools itself did not see the device.